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What Happened?

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As a registered Independent who has no plans to pledge alliegiances to any party, there are several reasons why we have what he have today.

First, out of the box, the GOP got their behinds kicked from sea to shining sea. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Let’s be clear.

1. Bush. People who had issues with Bush and his policies, particularly those having to do with Iraq, exacted their revenge on the McCain/Palin ticket. Just as there was a Clinton Backlash that swept President Bush into office in 2000, now ironically there is a Bush Backlash that has done the same for President-elect Obama.

2. The economy. One of the main problems I had with the Bush administration over the years has been a lack of domestic policy. It showed during the economic meltdown, a lot of which has to do with something I don’t believe has a darn thing to do with Bush: the housing drama. Why are we taking out loans we know we can’t afford to buy homes that shatter our budgets? And why do we then complain when forclosure comes? Yes, there was some predatory lending going on but citizens have to take some responsibility too. Whatever President Bush tried was clearly viewed as too little too late.

3. Iraq. Whenever I bring up the rampant dishonesty of this administration regarding the intelligence surrounding WMD and Iraq, my audience wants to bring up the Clinton administration. Hey Pooky, two wrongs don’t make a right. Clinton’s serial dishonesty is no excuse for another administration lying. As respected members of the Bush administration exited and then questioned the ethos of the administration, it could not have helped their cause. It clearly didn’t last night.

Spiritual Issues
1. Judgement. It’s one thing to look at the election from a purely political perspective. I prefer, however, to see all things first and foremostly from a spiritual perspective. Some Christians are asking how God could allow Obama to become president. Well, I’m asking how come some Christians only want to hold all-night prayer meetings every four years. Could it be that we became too comfortable because “our boy” President Bush was in office? Could it be that once again, we have been blinded by the deception the Moral Majority created by believing that a world system (government) could ever replace the kingdom of God? Yep and yep.

2. A smackdown on the Church. We need one. There are plenty of Christians “voting on biblical principles” but I fear a disparity between voting on biblical principles and actually living them.

3. Younger evangelicals part ways with the old guard. I knew it was coming. I could tell the way I’ve seen some evangelicals who are younger than me talking about the need for change. They got it. Now let’s see what impact this shift has on the local church if any.

Closing Remarks
I have a splitting headache as I gear up to revamp this blog and focus on the kingdom agenda as set forth by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m ready for the right to speak out on proposals that the incoming administration will have that I will vehemently oppose. But I also have to remind myself and other upset Christian voters who didn’t get their way last night that it is Jesus who we are to look to anyhow.

Last night might finally force some lukewarm Christians to take a stand.

Written by missional girl

November 5, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Historic Election

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Today I get the privilege of participating in the most historic election in our nation’s history. I thought to tell you who I’m voting for but decided not to simply because there are some Christians—Democrat & Republican—who cannot help but disparage and attack believers whose views are different from their own.

Anyway, go out and vote. My one prayer for today is that God’s will be done as we do our duty. Regardless of who is elected, Jesus Christ is still Lord.

P.S.—-> Never underestimate the ability of God to change the hearts and minds of the officials we elect. Peace.

Written by missional girl

November 4, 2008 at 11:21 am

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Dear Christian Voter

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Please heed the advice of missional-minded Alan Hirsh (who got toasted by some political conservative Christians on his blog for expressing a choice different than theirs) when it comes to voting:

Choose my friends! McCain or Obama (they are both good men as far as politicians go), but do so in good conscience before the Lord and, please, grant others their right to differ.

In terms of how we communicate our opinions, well that’s back to the question of civility without which civil society cannot function. We are Christians living in a democracy…lets be gracious to each other as the lack of grace for the disciple is a greater sin than simply expressing a wrong opinion.

Written by missional girl

October 21, 2008 at 1:28 am

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Sarah Palin and the Woman Question

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Just when you thought Hyper Gender Sensitivity Syndrome (HGSS, not a new Bible translation unless you count the ESV) had quelled, along comes a genius to prove that the disease is alive and well.

I wonder if Mr. Brown unwittingly patrons businesses owned by women. Poor thing.

Brown: “Yes, I would like a two-piece chicken special with fries. I am famished!”
(suddenly, Brown’s expression changes for the worst)
Brown: “Wait! Young man, is this restaurant owned by a woman?”
Drive-Thru Guy: “Uh, yeah.”
Brown: “And does this woman have small children that she would be at home with raising in the fear and admonition of the Lord?”
Drive-Thru Boy: “She got four kids. Crispy or original?”
Brown: “I am sorry but my hunger and thirst for righteousness exceeds my hunger for fried chicken. Lord, I lay my appetite on the altar for You to uphold the complementarian standards you set forth in Your Word. It’s your curse that keeps me in charge and I will not let go of that.”

(drives off hungry but satisfied)

Written by missional girl

September 10, 2008 at 10:42 am

Anything for Power?

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Ann Coulter has developed quite a reputation for her sharp wits, intelligence, and outspoken stand on her evangelical faith. Unfortunately, Ann Coulter is also known for her sometimes mean-spirited, less-than-Christlike jabs at political enemies. Recently, Coulter chose the recent CPAC convention, a meeting of conservatives and potential GOP presidential candidates, to insinuate that Democratic presidential contender John Edwards was, to quote her, a “faggot.”

That Coulter dropped this epithet is not shocking. She implied the same thing regarding Al Gore and Bill Clinton. What was shocking, however, was the laughter that filled the room when she made the comment. Forgive me but I thought family values and evangelical faith were some of the pillars of the Republican Party? What would Jesus do—or have done if He were in that room?

I applaud the conservatives and GOP folks who have called her out. I do not, however, applaud the one hundred or so newspapers who carry her column who have not chin-checked her for ridiculous statement.

Even worse, I am concerned that once again, some evangelicals are willing to put up with this kind of nonsense in order to keep the White House under GOP control. Coulter is no better and no less hateful toward the left than secular humanists are toward conservative evangelicals. Furthermore, do I really want to be associated with a fellow evangelical who drops the f*g-bomb word when I’m trying to show them the love of Christ?

See what happens when the Church sells its soul to any political party? We begin to judge right and wrong based not on the Word of God and character of Christ but on political expediency. So whether you are a Democrat or Republican or even a Greenie (Green Party), remember that your relationship with Jesus Christ, not your party’s platform, should guide everything you say, do, and think. Otherwise, we begin to look as foolish as the people we claim are so.

Written by missional girl

March 10, 2007 at 1:47 am

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Power Shifts and Churchspeak

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After watching the Republican Party do practically nothing the last several years to check the insanity coming from the White House, something had to give. And it gave BIG time last night as American voters went out in near-record numbers for an off-season election and handed over the House of Representatives to the Democrats. As I’m writing this now, the Senate is tied at 49 with Democrats owning an extremely narrow lead in Montana and Virginia.

What happened?



That sums up my disdain for the last Congress quite tidily.

For all those who championed “moral values” to appeal to conservative evangelicals like me, some of these same folks have governed in a way completely contradictory to the Christ we serve.

The White House LIED about intelligence and our reasons for going to Iraq.

The White House LIED about the Katrina recovery (or lack thereof) issues and tried to scapegoat an already weak leader in Michael Brown.

This Congress, including some weak-kneed Democrats, allowed them to do as they wished with little or no oversight.

They paid for it last night.

Now how will the Church respond? Too often, we look to the “system” to gauge the progress of the advancement of the kingdom. For some Christians, if Democrats are running things, these saints truly believe that Jesus will be pleased if we deal only with poverty issues while ignoring the slaughter of unborn children.

On the other side of the boat are other believers who honestly believe that Jesus only cares about gay “marriage” and abortion. When the GOP is in control, clearly God must be favoring the Church because He doesn’t love Democrats or their supporters.

My prayer is the authentic church (true saints and not nominal fakers) would use her voice to challenge our leaders—Democrats and Republicans—to lead justly, compassionately, for the good of the whole.

Will well-known outspoken Christian leaders who suck up to the GOP now be willing to obey Romans 13:1-4 over the Democrats or will they only pray that God raise up better Republicans?

Written by missional girl

November 8, 2006 at 4:05 pm

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Folks are finally speaking up about the tragic mix of cheap sound-byte politicking and the Gospel being meshed into one unsavory dish of redemption-through-politicss message. Greg Boyd is one of the latest to enter the fray with his book The Myth of a Christian Nation and I couldn’t be happier. For the record, I am not an open theist and have some issues with theological points that Boyd makes regarding the foreknowledge of God. However, I won’t allow those differences to deafened me to the richness and legitimacy of his argument that the evangelical wing of the Church are being co-opted by ravenous political wolves who want to beef up their voting block.

I have no problem with Christians being involved in politics or speaking truth to powers on the issues of our day. Heck, if not for the Black church, I would probably still be drinking from “COLORED ONLY” water fountains and calling my white brothers and sisters “massah” and “mammy”. In addition, I’m not picking on the GOP. I actually agree with several of their platform planks on certain moral issues (gay marriage and abortion) but I prefer to bring a kingdom perspective rooted in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ to the table than an opinion or perspective filtered through and tamed by any political party.

A follower of Jesus Christ has the right to belong to which ever party he or she chooses. The real issue, however, is allowing the Word of God and the Lord of All (Jesus Christ) to be the baselines by which we deal with hot button issues. Furthermore, we really need to get a grip on other issues like poverty (of course, that’s hard to do if all you preach is prosperity without responsibility) to clearly demonstrate that God does not have a two-track mind.

Let Jesus Christ be Lord of your life alone and not your political allegiances.

Written by missional girl

August 15, 2006 at 6:27 pm

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