Where Are the Prophets?

Biblical prophetic ministry is in dire need today in America.  Not that I am dismissing the larger global context, but as an American–an African-America to be more specific–I should deal with the garbage in my own yard before I go sniffing elsewhere. With the steady attention on race relations and President Trump’s activities, lines are drawn in the sand with jagged little sticks dipped in … Continue reading Where Are the Prophets?

Historic Election

Today I get the privilege of participating in the most historic election in our nation’s history. I thought to tell you who I’m voting for but decided not to simply because there are some Christians—Democrat & Republican—who cannot help but disparage and attack believers whose views are different from their own. Anyway, go out and vote. My one prayer for today is that God’s will … Continue reading Historic Election

Dear Christian Voter

Please heed the advice of missional-minded Alan Hirsh (who got toasted by some political conservative Christians on his blog for expressing a choice different than theirs) when it comes to voting: Choose my friends! McCain or Obama (they are both good men as far as politicians go), but do so in good conscience before the Lord and, please, grant others their right to differ. In … Continue reading Dear Christian Voter

Sarah Palin and the Woman Question

Just when you thought Hyper Gender Sensitivity Syndrome (HGSS, not a new Bible translation unless you count the ESV) had quelled, along comes a genius to prove that the disease is alive and well. I wonder if Mr. Brown unwittingly patrons businesses owned by women. Poor thing. Brown: “Yes, I would like a two-piece chicken special with fries. I am famished!” (suddenly, Brown’s expression changes … Continue reading Sarah Palin and the Woman Question

Anything for Power?

Ann Coulter has developed quite a reputation for her sharp wits, intelligence, and outspoken stand on her evangelical faith. Unfortunately, Ann Coulter is also known for her sometimes mean-spirited, less-than-Christlike jabs at political enemies. Recently, Coulter chose the recent CPAC convention, a meeting of conservatives and potential GOP presidential candidates, to insinuate that Democratic presidential contender John Edwards was, to quote her, a “faggot.” That … Continue reading Anything for Power?

Power Shifts and Churchspeak

After watching the Republican Party do practically nothing the last several years to check the insanity coming from the White House, something had to give. And it gave BIG time last night as American voters went out in near-record numbers for an off-season election and handed over the House of Representatives to the Democrats. As I’m writing this now, the Senate is tied at 49 … Continue reading Power Shifts and Churchspeak