10 Awesome Things I Learned From Church As a Kid

Slightly different from last night: 1. Activities outside of worship services 2. A respect for hymns (yeah, I think hymns still rock) 3. Inter-generational friendships 4. Good Sunday school teachers (they impacted my perspective toward the teaching ministry more than anyone else growing up) 5. Decent kids program 6. Faithful participation of the senior saints (who are now passing away) 7. Children participating in the … Continue reading 10 Awesome Things I Learned From Church As a Kid

Is Maclaren Right?

Just checked my inbox and read a Leadership Weekly article on the potential pitfalls of too much technology in ministry.  Maclaren writes: That loss of “real presence” is bad for the church, no doubt. But I can’t help but think it’s also bad for us as pastors and leaders too. Because if our ministry is only virtual, it may be that our virtue is virtual … Continue reading Is Maclaren Right?

Southern Baptist Foot In Mouth—Again

I just received this little blurb in my email from Charisma Magazine about the latest controversy involving my former denomination and a visiting Baptist pastor. This is one of the very reasons why I left SBC behind. ——————————————————- Confessions of a Bapticostal I discovered the Holy Spirit’s power in a Baptist church. So why are Baptists today trying to censor Him? This past weekend I … Continue reading Southern Baptist Foot In Mouth—Again

Mark 1:29-34: A Snapshot of the Local Church

The healing of Peter’s mother-in-law and the subsequent response of the city paints a powerful picture of what the local church can be in the community in which it is planted. Jesus healed one person and empowered that woman to serve others and what happens? The Word tells us that the “whole city gathered at the door” (1:34). Why? Because they realized that Jesus was … Continue reading Mark 1:29-34: A Snapshot of the Local Church

Fellowship: It’s On You and You and You…

 POHS: Part III A Blogger’s Ramble on Fellowship My following thoughts and concerns are fairly fluid and ever changing so do not expect to make much sense out of them, lol. I could easily craft this post around the principle that real Christians go to church but I won’t because I simply do not believe that. On the contrary, I believe that since real Christians … Continue reading Fellowship: It’s On You and You and You…