Juss Sayin…For the Week 8/5-8/11

WEIRD THOUGHTS1. Busy is like kryptonite for commitment.2. You genuinely commit to what you deem important even if what you commit to pales in importance to what you’re supposed to be doing.3. Talk is not only cheap, it’s available for free on any street corner or website.4. I’m an American and I HATE losing….PERIOD.5. I’m overwhelmed by the flood of poor Adele covers on Youtube.6. … Continue reading Juss Sayin…For the Week 8/5-8/11

Acts 15 and the Gospel Coalition-James Macdonald Dust Up

I just caught this story earlier today regarding the resignation of Harvest Chapel and Walk in the Word pastor James Macdonald from the Gospel Coalition. I will only say that those who allegedly pressured Macdonald should read Acts 15. There we see the apostles and other church leaders addressing theological differences. How much harm is done by having a platform where you do can just … Continue reading Acts 15 and the Gospel Coalition-James Macdonald Dust Up

What Is A Heretic?

“A heretic is a baptized person who obstinately denies or doubts a truth which the Church teaches must be believed because it is part of the one, divinely revealed, and catholic (that is, universally valid) Christian faith.” I’m an avid Youtuber in that I watch old, rare programming I can’t find elsewhere. One of the things that’s annoying me lately, however, is the constant bickering … Continue reading What Is A Heretic?

Blizzards and Pleasing God

My church cancelled worship service this morning due to the blizzard. I’m buried under about 24 inches of snow. Long Island natives tell me that haven’t seen this much snow since they were kids! Some pastors, however, chose to have service in order to “honor God.” Since when is asking people to travel in dangerous weather conditions “honoring” God? Don’t get me wrong: I hate … Continue reading Blizzards and Pleasing God