I Think My Life Just Changed Forever

Talk about life changing on a dime! In a nutshell, I’m moving to New York (Long Island to be exact) next week!  I can’t believe and this time last NIGHT, I was plotting how I would get through the last month at my current ministry position.  It’s so hard to say goodbye to teenagers and to my fellow staff/friends. But God just accelerated some things … Continue reading I Think My Life Just Changed Forever

My Spiritual DNA

I was thinking about my spiritual DNA last night and what matters to me: Favorite Bible Book: John (1 & 2 Timothy are clooose behind) Life Verse(s): 1 Timothy 4:16 and Proverbs 4:23 Ministry Manifesto Verse(s): John 1:14,17 & 2 Timothy 4:2 Favorite Bible Character: Abraham, Deborah and Paul Preferred Preaching/Teaching Approach: Expository with some Narrative to keep me from getting boredFavorite Old Testament scholar: … Continue reading My Spiritual DNA