Where Are the Prophets?

Biblical prophetic ministry is in dire need today in America.  Not that I am dismissing the larger global context, but as an American–an African-America to be more specific–I should deal with the garbage in my own yard before I go sniffing elsewhere. With the steady attention on race relations and President Trump’s activities, lines are drawn in the sand with jagged little sticks dipped in … Continue reading Where Are the Prophets?

The “As-You-Go” God

Random Thoughts about God’s Provision for Your Ministry Your God-ordained ministry is God’s idea, not yours Consequently, God is responsible for funding or resourcing His ministry through you Remember Abraham. God told Abram (Abraham) to get up and go and THEN He would show him where to go and what to do. We are encouraged to pray for “daily bread” in the Model Prayer (Matt. … Continue reading The “As-You-Go” God

The Missional God

The next few posts will look at the “missional” God—in other words, how God Himself broke into communities to reveal Himself and transform the lives of the people. This quick survey will begin in the Old Testament and jaunt right through the New Testament until the very end. A Working Definition There are many definitions floating in the church world about what missional actually is. … Continue reading The Missional God

The Cult of Personality and Penn State…and What Christians Can Learn

There are a number of lessons we can learn from the tragic downfall of a lauded sports juggernaut like Penn State and the captain of its ship, the late Joe Paterno: The leader should never be bigger than a commitment to integrity and truth. Leaders must remember that they are accountable to others; there are no Lone Rangers. Greed and lust for power are two … Continue reading The Cult of Personality and Penn State…and What Christians Can Learn