Tiger’s Moment of Truth & Culture’s Lame Response

A fine mess. That’s the only way I can describe it. But instead of piling on to what is shaping up to be a laundry list of adulterous affairs on the part of the world’s greatest golfer, I focus instead on how the sports media has responded. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard sports reporters express more concern about seeing Tiger … Continue reading Tiger’s Moment of Truth & Culture’s Lame Response

Football, Football, and More Football

It was a split for me this weekend with USC losing to Stanford (yeah!) but Notre Dame WINNING their first game over UCLA (un-yeah).  Karl Dorrell won’t make it out of this season with a job. Professionally speaking, much to my chagrin, the NE Patriots won—again.  Colts keep moving along and are also 5-0. The Patriots-Colts game will be the highest rated game of the … Continue reading Football, Football, and More Football

What the Flip Is Wrong With Isiah Thomas?

As some of my older relatives back home would say, “Some folks done lost they mind!”  So I check out my Google news ticker thingie and read the news that Isiah Thomas and MSG (N.Y. Knicks) were found liable in a sexual harrassment lawsuit brought by a former female employee.  The whopping $11.6 million dollar judgment is not what bothers me. What has me royally … Continue reading What the Flip Is Wrong With Isiah Thomas?

Death of a Legend

I just heard on the news that Bill Walsh, the architect coach of the San Francisco 49ers dynasty that produced the likes of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Roger Craig died earlier today at the age of 75 after finally losing his battle with leukemia. As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I won’t forget the masterpiece he orchestrated in the 1981 NFC Championship when Joe Montana … Continue reading Death of a Legend