The Danger of Theo-Branding

The problem with theological branding is that we become too territorial about our story of how our pet theologians interpret the revelation of God, losing sight of the grand and unified theme of God’s great salvific story: Jesus. Only when we idolize our own stories at the expense of others the Lord Jesus has Himself written onto the pages of HIStory do we lose the … Continue reading The Danger of Theo-Branding

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible & the Church

I’m currently teaching The Crucible. Although I strongly suspect that Miller had his own axe to grind with fundamentalists of his day (i.e. McCarthyites who still swear to this day that a Commie was under every bush—especially in Hollywood), there are important themes that are emerging as our class finishes up the first two acts. I won’t share any until we’re done with the book … Continue reading Arthur Miller’s The Crucible & the Church

The Holiness of God and You

Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture references are taken from Today’s New International Version (TNIV), Zondervan Publishing Company. INTRODUCTION Holiness. That one word inspires a host of images in the minds of Christians. For some, it may evoke the mental picture of a disciple cloistered in a monastery praying the Psalms. For others, however, the word may recall legalistic preaching that stresses the “don’ts” of a … Continue reading The Holiness of God and You

The Glorious Resurrection

Luke’s account of the resurrection and post-resurrection activity has been my favorite gospel account, partly because of the hilarity of a risen Jesus walking around with unsuspecting Christ followers who did not recognize their Lord in his risen glory. Luke 24:13-35 (TNIV) 13 Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles [a] from Jerusalem. 14 They … Continue reading The Glorious Resurrection

Good Friday Reflection

Am I masochistic for celebrating death? Then let it be so when it comes to Christ’s crucifixion. Through His sacrifice, humanity has the opportunity to be made whole and forgiven in the eyes of the Father. It isn’t a tad bit ironic that we would even refer to today as “Good Friday”. After all, has any figure in human history ever been more comfortable with … Continue reading Good Friday Reflection