Reality Check for Church Planters/Pastors

Jesus does four important things that anyone called to church planting or pastoring must consider: 1. Jesus reveals Himself to us. Of course, part of that journey involves us struggling with the questions of who this Jesus is. The disciples had to travel the same path. Ultimately, the church planter has to know who Jesus is and the priority He must have over everything and … Continue reading Reality Check for Church Planters/Pastors

Something About Joseph, Pt. 4

Principle #4: There is no such thing as circumstance-driven obedience. Joesph could have done like countless folks did during the Bubonic Plague during the Middle Ages by medicating his horrific circumstances with licentiousness and reckless abandon. Joseph’s God-shaped character kept his head above the crashing waves of a storm created by the colliding winds of other people’s unresolved issues. How do you respond when life … Continue reading Something About Joseph, Pt. 4

Something About Joseph, Pt. 3

Principle #3: You must be prepared for the vision God has prepared for you. God laid some very heavy insight on Joseph, so heavy that his family was ready to kill him. Joseph endured and intense and sometimes painful preparation process before God’s vision for him actually manifested. First, he was betrayed by his own brothers and sold into slavery (Genesis 37:12-36), wrongfully accused of … Continue reading Something About Joseph, Pt. 3

Something About Joseph, Pt. 2

Principle #2: God’s vision for your life will not always please others. Poor Joseph. All that vision and all that hateraid from his family. The fact is that not everyone, even some of your closest family and friends, will be happy with what God is doing in your life. That can be a hard pill to swallow unless we wash it down with a little … Continue reading Something About Joseph, Pt. 2

Something About…Joseph?

Joseph, favored son of Jacob, has some important lessons to teach us about how God uses the stuff in and around us to make us into Christ-centered leaders. Principle #1: Joseph received a vision from God before he demonstrated the character of God. Joseph was young, immature and a tad full of himself. Truth is, God’s intended purposes outstrip our current maturity quotient. God often … Continue reading Something About…Joseph?

One Thing: The Word of God

I almost changed the title of this post to “Two Things” because I have two particular spiritual goals for 2010 that I a committing to fulfill. But my main goal feeds into the second one so, problem sovled! The one thing I am committing to for 2010 is to completely saturate my heart, spirit, mind, and witness with the Word of God. I struggle reading … Continue reading One Thing: The Word of God