Juss Sayin…For the Week 8/5-8/11

WEIRD THOUGHTS1. Busy is like kryptonite for commitment.2. You genuinely commit to what you deem important even if what you commit to pales in importance to what you’re supposed to be doing.3. Talk is not only cheap, it’s available for free on any street corner or website.4. I’m an American and I HATE losing….PERIOD.5. I’m overwhelmed by the flood of poor Adele covers on Youtube.6. … Continue reading Juss Sayin…For the Week 8/5-8/11

Part 2: The Missional God

The Missional, Covenant-Keeping God Mission Defined God missional activity is geared toward redressing the Genesis 3:6 problem—the fall of humanity. Covenant was God’s means of setting apart for Himself a people who would reflect His redemptive power. I also believe that covenant was God’s way of revealing Himself a given community who did not know Him or walk in His ways. God’s Missional Activity Abrahamic … Continue reading Part 2: The Missional God

The Missional God

The next few posts will look at the “missional” God—in other words, how God Himself broke into communities to reveal Himself and transform the lives of the people. This quick survey will begin in the Old Testament and jaunt right through the New Testament until the very end. A Working Definition There are many definitions floating in the church world about what missional actually is. … Continue reading The Missional God

The Cult of Personality and Penn State…and What Christians Can Learn

There are a number of lessons we can learn from the tragic downfall of a lauded sports juggernaut like Penn State and the captain of its ship, the late Joe Paterno: The leader should never be bigger than a commitment to integrity and truth. Leaders must remember that they are accountable to others; there are no Lone Rangers. Greed and lust for power are two … Continue reading The Cult of Personality and Penn State…and What Christians Can Learn